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Soulhikes Twilight Hike

Twilight is called the "magic hour," and this hike is an opportunity to explore our own personal magic. We might ask ourselves, what gifts do we have to share with the world? What ways might you be overlooking or downplaying your own magnetism? How might tuning into the natural world through mindful attention give us a more accurate mirror to see ourselves?  


We will be doing Stage road to Castle Rock Loop at Castle Rock Recreation Area in Walnut Creek. This is a beautiful path with lots of wildlife, seasonal creeks, stunning rock walls and views.This hike will be 4.6 miles and will have some steep elements and an elevation gain of 823ft. The hike takes about 2 hours but we will take 3-3.5 hours with a meditation and introduction at the beginning, breaks for water and a break for journaling at the halfway point.

It will be on mostly dusty, rocky terrain and we expect temperatures to still be high in the early evening. Experience with moderate hikes and some elevation gain is required as well as adequate hiking shoes. Instructions regarding meetup location and a detailed list of what is needed will be provided upon signing up.

Check out the All Trails link for photos.


Safety Concerns

Though very unlikely, accidents can happy on uneven terrain. Facilitator will be carrying first aid kit, and extra water and can assist in the event of an emergency. Soulhikes does not assume liability for accidents or injuries that may occur during the hike and hikers will be asked to sign a liability waiver prior to hike.


Soulhikes takes COVID safety very seriously and we want to make sure the hikes are an extremely low risk activity for all involved. Hikers are asked to provide proof of vaccination and a negative covid test on day of the hike. If you have any cold like symptoms on day of the hike please refrain from participating. 





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